Bear Sightings

Safety Tip! Outdoor Enthusiasts, Bear Sightings Going Camping, #Hiking, Jogging, or Biking! Remember your, #Self-Defense Protection, Rescue Pocket Knife, Pepper Spray, Pepper Gun, Electronic Pocket WhistleElectronic Pocket Whistle, and for your Pet a Safety Blinkers!


Ambush! a surprise element of attack! A sudden or surprise attack from a concealed position; the assault element at this point where to overpower the victim. Take advantage of concealment and the element of surprise to attack back with unsuspecting self-defense. Being aware of your surroundings can also help prevent ambushes. Partnering up with friendsContinue reading “Ambush!”

No Shortage Online Websites

No Shortage Online Websites! Just a quick search online for self-defense protection products. Just a quick search online for self-defense protection products, your results, you will find there’s no shortage of online websites anxious to sell you their self-defense products; then here comes, Eagle Defense Products specialized in personal safety, self-defense, and family protection productsContinue reading “No Shortage Online Websites”

Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room!

Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room! THE EXTREME COLLEGE SURVIVAL KIT is specifically structured to make young woman’s life safer at college. From the infrared room alarm, to a door stop alarm, to a book diversion safe to hide her valuables, to personal safety with pepper sprays and electronic whistle. Lipstick Pepper Spray (1) NapContinue reading “Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room!”

Headlines Young Girl Attacked!

Headlines Young Girl Attacked! Exclusive To All Newspapers I understand how our lives can get busy, so Personal Safety, Self-Defense and Family Protection can be forgotten!! Choose Eagle Defense Products right now for all your #Self-defense Protection Protection!!

Common Sense Solutions!

Never Be Defenseless!  Common sense solutions to self defense protection against being physically attack with intent to do bodily harm! I Need Eagle Defense Products Right Now! Your Option! Be A Survivor! Not A Victim!


‘be a victim’ NO Be A Survivor! Never Be Defenseless! Always, Protect Yourself! I understand how personal safety and self protection can be forgotten, it happens with me, but, we have to be aware of your surrounding at all times; evil is always waiting!!!