Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room!

Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room! THE EXTREME COLLEGE SURVIVAL KIT is specifically structured to make young woman’s life safer at college. From the infrared room alarm, to a door stop alarm, to a book diversion safe to hide her valuables, to personal safety with pepper sprays and electronic whistle. Lipstick Pepper Spray (1) NapContinue reading “Young Women Attack, College Dorm Room!”

Total Pepper Protection Real Estate Agents!

Total Pepper Protection Real Estate Agents! PEPPER SHOT TRI-PACK you get Total Pepper Protection with this handy collection of 3 pepper sprays at one low price. A (2 oz. pepper spray) for home use,  a (½ oz. auto visor clip) to keep in your vehicle, and a (½ oz. pepper spray with a Quick KeyContinue reading “Total Pepper Protection Real Estate Agents!”

Headlines Young Girl Attacked!

Headlines Young Girl Attacked! Exclusive To All Newspapers I understand how our lives can get busy, so Personal Safety, Self-Defense and Family Protection can be forgotten!! Choose Eagle Defense Products right now for all your #Self-defense Protection Protection!!

Common Sense Solutions!

Never Be Defenseless!  Common sense solutions to self defense protection against being physically attack with intent to do bodily harm! I Need Eagle Defense Products Right Now! Your Option! Be A Survivor! Not A Victim!

‘Your Self-Defense Protection Products’

Eagle Defense Products, Please share with Friends and Family ‘Your Self-Defense Protection Products’ Home Surveillance…Pepper Sprays…Stun Guns…TASER ECD “A Good Defense.Is A Good Offense”

Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…

Personal Safety Training , Need to Watch Video  This is an excellent demonstration on how to protect yourself. This type of awareness for woman in any profession is needed. If she had Pepper Spray or Pepper Spray Gun this would insure her opportunity to escape from her attacker and mark the attacker so the policeContinue reading “Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…”


TASER® Protect Life The Safest, Most Effective Option for Protecting You and Your Family The technologically advanced TASER C2 is designed specifically with your personal safety needs in mind. Utilizing the same technology as our proven law enforcement models, it offers incredible take down power and unparalleled protection right in the palm of your hand.Continue reading “TASER C2 ECD”