America’s, 9-11 ambush! A surprise element of attack! This sudden and surprise attack from a concealed position. This assault must never be repeated or forgotten because America should never be a victim or overpowered again. Take advantage of concealment and the element of surprise to prevent another attack! America must never underestimate any adversaries and unsuspectingContinue reading “NEVER FORGET 9-11”

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Eagle Defense Products Self-Defense Protection Products Our Business! Your Self-Defense Protection Our Mission! Products: MACE® Pepper Guns. MACE® Pepper Sprays. WILDFIRE® Pepper Sprays. (Are hot, hot, hot. Made from Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). STUN MASTER® Stun Guns. TASER® C2 ECD Gear. HOMESAFE® Surveillance Alarm Systems. SafeFamilyLife™ Home, Business, Car, & Personal Protection Kits. Tac-Force, Smith &Wesson,Continue reading “Eagle Defense Products”

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Safety Tip! Outdoor Enthusiasts, Bear Sightings Going Camping, #Hiking, Jogging, or Biking! Remember your, #Self-Defense Protection, Rescue Pocket Knife, Pepper Spray, Pepper Gun, Electronic Pocket WhistleElectronic Pocket Whistle, and for your Pet a Safety Blinkers!


Ambush! a surprise element of attack! A sudden or surprise attack from a concealed position; the assault element at this point where to overpower the victim. Take advantage of concealment and the element of surprise to attack back with unsuspecting self-defense. Being aware of your surroundings can also help prevent ambushes. Partnering up with friendsContinue reading “Ambush!”

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Personal Attacks are on the Raise! Eagle Defense Products, unveil it’s New Stun Gun, Flashlight, Baton! New Product Description: The Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton. You can carry 18,000,000 volts of stoppingContinue reading “Self Defense Breaking News!”

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No Shortage Online Websites! Just a quick search online for self-defense protection products. Just a quick search online for self-defense protection products, your results, you will find there’s no shortage of online websites anxious to sell you their self-defense products; then here comes, Eagle Defense Products specialized in personal safety, self-defense, and family protection productsContinue reading “No Shortage Online Websites”