‘Attackers’ Have The Element of Surprise!

Why defending yourself, is under attack? When assailant, assaulter, aggressor, attack dog; mugger, rapist, killer, murderer; all have weapons? Attackers always have the element of surprise and weapons on their side; be prepared by having another set of eyes; bring a friend and always be aware of your surrounding, you will minimize an attack. Always travel in packsContinue reading “‘Attackers’ Have The Element of Surprise!”

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Self-Defense Protection Products

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Pepper Spray w/Visor Clip

Eagle Defense Products, Self-Defense Protection Pepper Spray w/Visor Clip Slip on your vehicle’s sun visor for easy emergency access! Contains 6-10 one-second bursts & range of 6-8 ft. The PEPPER SHOT TRI-PACK  Protection for all the Love ones in your life. Contains: Car visor clip to keep in your vehicle, Pepper Spray with a Quick Key ReleaseContinue reading “Pepper Spray w/Visor Clip”

Crime is a Reality Everywhere!

  Crime is a Reality Everywhere! Big city, Small town, even rural communities, criminals are hidden behind the darkest of night looking for victims called ‘easy prey’, even the rolling hills of small town areas; soon thieves are breaking into homes, hijacking cars, assaulting people, and pickpocketing where violent crime were unheard of only aContinue reading “Crime is a Reality Everywhere!”