Personal Alarms, Ear Piercing Sounds, Flashlights

Personal Alarms, Ear Piercing Sounds, Flashlights Real Estate Agents, College Students, Child Safety, School Kids, Night-Shift Workers. Your local communities, like all other commonly shared locations; can be a dangerous place, so crime prevention and personal protection steps are essential. There may be a times when we are forced to defend ourselves against bullying, assault, child predator orContinue reading “Personal Alarms, Ear Piercing Sounds, Flashlights”

Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…

Personal Safety Training , Need to Watch Video  This is an excellent demonstration on how to protect yourself. This type of awareness for woman in any profession is needed. If she had Pepper Spray or Pepper Spray Gun this would insure her opportunity to escape from her attacker and mark the attacker so the policeContinue reading “Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…”