Crime is a Reality Everywhere!

  Crime is a Reality Everywhere! Big city, Small town, even rural communities, criminals are hidden behind the darkest of night looking for victims called ‘easy prey’, even the rolling hills of small town areas; soon thieves are breaking into homes, hijacking cars, assaulting people, and pickpocketing where violent crime were unheard of only aContinue reading “Crime is a Reality Everywhere!”

Self-Defense Protection

See on – Personal SafetySELF-DEFENSE PROTECTIONEagle Defense ProductsPersonal protection and self-defense are taken for granted; self-defense protection is paramount these days; defenseless citizens are attacked Stop being victims. (PROTECT YOURSELF) Pass It On!See on

Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…

Personal Safety Training , Need to Watch Video  This is an excellent demonstration on how to protect yourself. This type of awareness for woman in any profession is needed. If she had Pepper Spray or Pepper Spray Gun this would insure her opportunity to escape from her attacker and mark the attacker so the policeContinue reading “Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…”