US Army Liberator – Digital White – Rescue Pocket Knife – #Save-A-Life!

Eagle Defense Products – Rescue Pocket Knives – #Save-A-Life! The handle features finger grooves for a comfortable and secure grip, a seatbelt cutter and a carbide tip on the pommel allowing glass to break easier. Liner lock mechanism allows for easy and quick close Attach to your belt, vest, or slip inside your boot- unleashContinue reading “US Army Liberator – Digital White – Rescue Pocket Knife – #Save-A-Life!”

Rescue Pocket Knives – Save A Life!

I have a mission to share with friends, family, and customers; sense Eagle Defense Products, added the new line of rescue pocket knives the response from friends and customers, has been rewarding, the rescue knife made them feel safer, because each rescue knife comes with a built in Pocket Clip, Seat Belt Cutter & Glass Breaker for emergencies!

‘Attackers’ Have The Element of Surprise!

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Why defending yourself, is under attack? When assailant, assaulter, aggressor, attack dog; mugger, rapist, killer, murderer; all have weapons? Attackers always have the element of surprise and weapons on their side; be prepared by having another set of eyes; bring a friend and always be aware of your surrounding, you will…

United States of America Flag Knife 4.5″

#Tactical / #Military / #Combat / #Self-Defense! “TAC-Force, Smith & Wesson Knives” are synonymous with Assisted Opening Action! Eagle Rescue Knife, Special-Force, Emt, Fire-Dept, Navy, Black-Ops, Combat-Rifle,  Don’t Tread On Me Emblem Knife! New Product Lines Added Everyday at Eagle Defense Products!