UFO Alarm Family Protection

UFO Alarm, Versatile Scenarios (7) Seven Alarm Functions, All In One UFO Alarm Personal Alarm | Anti Snatch Alarm | Away Alarm | Handy Light | Indoor Alarm | Window Alarm | Drawer Alarm The UFO® ALARM is the most versatile personal/home alarm that we carry. Available in 6 colors. It’s easy to set-up andContinue reading “UFO Alarm Family Protection”

Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…

Personal Safety Training , Need to Watch Video  This is an excellent demonstration on how to protect yourself. This type of awareness for woman in any profession is needed. If she had Pepper Spray or Pepper Spray Gun this would insure her opportunity to escape from her attacker and mark the attacker so the policeContinue reading “Personal Safety Training Group – Parking Lot Safety Video II – Reluctant…”

MACE Pepper Gun

The MACE® PEPPER GUN – Sprays up to 25 feet. – Bag-In-a-Can Technology. – “Made in USA” This new system allows the pepper spray to spray like an aerosol in a continuous fashion from any angle, even when Pepper Gun is held upside down. Trigger Activated LED Light allows for better aim and temporarily disablesContinue reading “MACE Pepper Gun”


TASER® Protect Life The Safest, Most Effective Option for Protecting You and Your Family The technologically advanced TASER C2 is designed specifically with your personal safety needs in mind. Utilizing the same technology as our proven law enforcement models, it offers incredible take down power and unparalleled protection right in the palm of your hand.Continue reading “TASER C2 ECD”

Tactical Gear

NEW Product Line “Tactical Gear” at Eagle Defense Products. Tactical Gear Pistol Belt Holsters, Shoulder Harness Holsters, Concealed Carry Belly Bands, Rifle Carrying Cases, Pistol Carrying Cases, Tactical Vests, Military Backpacks,Tactical LED Flashlights, Laser Sights.