A Little About Us

Eagle Defense Products, an online internet store committed to providing everyone with the most up-to-date information and products for personal safety, self-defense, and family protection needs.If you have any questions about any of our products, you see on the website or in our catalogs, like stun guns, pepper sprays, Tasers, or about laws or restrictionsContinue reading “A Little About Us”

Self Defense Safeguards

I understand how busy our lives can get. But personal protection, self-defense, and family safeguards may be forgotten. This happens. It was my problem as well. I started Self Defense Safeguards & Eagle Defense Products for my family and friends.It is my mission to bring to attention to everyone you must be aware of personalContinue reading “Self Defense Safeguards”

Pet Products

I understand how our pets lives are so vital to us, and we get so personally attached to your pet; they become family. Thus Safeguarding your pet on them nighttime walks; because of this, At Pet Product, we stock products that will glow in the dark for pet safety at night. Future products are safeguardingContinue reading “Pet Products”

Defensive Safeguards

America where families have to take a more defensive safeguard attitude toward self-defense and protecting their families. The best defensive safeguard attitude would be safeguarding, protecting, shielding, and having a watchful eye over loved ones and preventing traveling in undesirable places and surrounding. “early warning signs provide a safeguard against an undesirable crisis.” Humans haveContinue reading “Defensive Safeguards”


The Vietnam War Veterans Commemorative Knife is a beautiful tribute to those brave soldiers that served during the Vietnam War. The knife design features a stainless steel drop point blade with a mirror polish. The blade includes etching that states “Vietnam War”. The blade deploys rapidly through its assisted opening technology. The handle features anContinue reading “VIETNAM VET, WELCOME HOME”

Combating Darkness

Eagle Defense Protection Products we can help! We carry personal and home protection products that may save your life and protect your family! Our mission, personal safety, self-defense, and family protection! Personal safety, Self-Defense, and family protection: In each situation, it’s hard to forecast whats around the next corner, so you must be prepared andContinue reading “Combating Darkness”