Unsuspected Attack

Headlines, Unsuspected Attack!

We cannot predict future encounters with an evil person, we have no crystal ball nor do we have our very own secret service to develop our everyday detail travel plans.

body guard.png

We all can’t afford our own personal bodyguards to protect us from evil people and to think, evil won’t find you or to think, you won’t happen to come across an evil person or just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, would not be, predictable.

So how many of you have your very own personal policeman on speed dial, and can they respond in 3 seconds to your location after dialing (911), the answer is no.

So, it’s up to you to protect yourself and your family, within the first 3 seconds of the encounter.

mace_80337_baton spray

Personal Protection, is your own responsibility!

We all want to believe the bubble we live in, is safe.

Just listen every day to the daily news it will tell you a different story.

No matter where you live, protect yourself and above all else be aware everyday of your surroundings, this is paramount for your everyday safety and protection.

Let’s say we are watching people on a radar screen, we encounter no alerts or beeps, evil is not present, simple!

It’s like having a window into the minds and hearts of humanity.

Shooting, how to prevent it?

Anger, how to control it?

Crime, how to stop it?

How to prevent the next shooting?

How to stop the next crime?

How to control the next anger?

The answer is, how to identify evil within people?

Protect your self Remember, it's your responsibility!.jpg

We only have one way and that is, prepare yourself, by protecting yourself with equal force!

Evil is a dark side within us, no one method can predict or measure the amount or the time when evil will reveal itself.

We must watch for signs and prepare with equal force when we need to confront evil people!

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