‘Attackers’ Have The Element of Surprise!

Why defending yourself, is under attack? When assailant, assaulter, aggressor, attack dog; mugger, rapist, killer, murderer; all have weapons?

Attackers always have the element of surprise and weapons on their side; be prepared by having another set of eyes; bring a friend and always be aware of your surrounding, you will minimize an attack. Always travel in packs of two; so your ‘Attackers’ won’t find you erase prey. Be sure, both of you or just you carry your Pepper Sprays, Pepper Guns, Personal Alarms, Purse Size Stun Guns and an Pocket Knife. “I Never Leave Home Without It”!! Self-Defense Protection for yourself, in most cases is all we have!

Tasers, Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Laws By States!

TASER® C2 Protect Life
TASER® C2 Protect Life

Pepper Spray Laws By States!

Mace Pepper Spray Gun
Mace Pepper Spray Gun

US Knife Laws By State!

Tac-Force Eagle Assisted Opening Rescue Knife
Tac-Force Eagle Assisted Opening Rescue Knife



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